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We help you collect, clean, and annotate your global data for high-value AI solutions

We combine specialized talent in data, linguistics, and various industries and markets with a robust technological infrastructure for a high-quality outcome.

Our data solutions services

Data collection

Data gathering for projects that are linguistically, geographically, and culturally complex.

Data cleansing and annotation​

Transcription, annotation, and normalization solutions for multilingual text and speech, image, and video data.

Linguistic and cultural consulting

Linguistic and localization consulting for making the most out of multicultural data analysis.

Training data for AI

Multilingual and multicultural inputs for machine learning model training.

From content to data:
a global evolution

Worldwide access to vast amounts of data has changed the business landscape. Storing, managing, and structuring information is the first step to a data-driven decision-making mindset. But before any prediction leading to a competitive advantage can take place, the key is to understand the information available in order to gain knowledge and reflect on the people, the processes, and the infrastructure involved in a high-quality outcome.

As a leading language service provider, we’ve been helping companies make sense of their global content for over a decade now. Helping them to harness the advantages of a data-rich landscape is, for us, the next organic step. We have the people, the processes, and the infrastructure, but most importantly: we have a history of successful global business partnerships. And we are ready to assist you.

Reasons to choose
Go Global Data

Our global network

We have a scalable global team of 4,000 specialists in data, linguistics, and different industries and markets to ensure our clients the best multicultural insights for a high-quality and cost-efficient outcome.

Our flexible technological mindset

Technological infrastructure has been a cornerstone of our business model since the very beginning, and we aim to adapt and refine our tech resources for each project, not the other way around.

Our agile project management

We apply agile methodologies to ensure a high-value delivery at any scale. Each project has its dedicated account managers, project managers, and quality managers, who are always available for consultations and updates.

Our high-quality processes, which equals high-quality data

We manage all of our processes under ISO-certified quality policy, which means no setbacks, no surprises, and a full commitment to continuous improvement.

Our confidentiality and infrastructure security measures

All of our specialists are bound by confidentiality agreements, and we store our projects on secure servers.

global specialists
languages and dialects
audio minutes transcribed each month

Industry use cases


  • Chatbot training
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Customer engagement and demand forecasting
  • Product categorization and onsite search


  • Error prevention
  • Medical imaging insights
  • Automated diagnosis or prescription
  • Real-time case prioritization


  • Fraud detection
  • Risk management models
  • Algorithmic trading 
  • Stock market predictions

IT / Big Tech

  • Computer vision capabilities
  • Machine translation (MT)
  • Semantic search
  • Speech recognition

Have a global data challenge for us?

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